[thechat] ripped from the headlines - a speedy news storyforMadhu

Bob Davis bob at bobdavis.org
Thu Aug 12 15:42:24 CDT 2004

On Aug 12, 2004, at 2:04 PM, Luther, Ron wrote:

> Joel D Canfield noted:
>>> My '59 Renault Dauphine was sheer terror at 55.
> Good grief, Joel!  You actually had one of those?!?
> http://www.cults.freeserve.co.uk/cars/mid0004.htm

My dad wanted to buy one - got a Corvair instead. I remember standing 
up in the back seat of that Corvair and looking out the back window at 
traffic. I was maybe 3. No seat belts, no air bags, in a Corvair. We 
were probably on our way to play lawn darts.

> I remember seeing them on the road. They had a "funky cute / wierd"
> vibe back when they were new!

How about a Lotus Cortina?


Kind of a funky car. Quick - damn quick - for its day.
It's the car that would raise it's front inside wheel in turns, if you 
remember  that.


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