[thechat] More photos

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Aug 13 14:57:39 CDT 2004

Madhu Menon shared more food pics:

Hi Madhu,

Sorry ... didn't get to check too many of them out ... so I'll just 
pick on a few others pointed out:

Pretty nice shot. The strong diagonals are a good 'compositional' 
element. I'd have him try it again with a much slower shutter speed. 
You want to close the aperture down to increase 'depth of field' 
and get more of the shot in focus.

Although I suppose another possibility might be to mask the portion 
that is crisp, keep it, darken the rest, and run your ad copy over 
the darkened portion. Maybe??

Depth of field is better here ... center and left look pretty sharp ... 
although the upper right and upper center still lose 'crispness'. There 
is some yellow artifacting along the bowl edge on the right side just 
above and to the left of the food ... at least on my monitor. Finally, 
I find the red stripe on the bowl to be a distraction ... maybe you can 
photoshop that out - or 'shop in some kind of "mini-billboard" advertising 
slogan in it's place ... "Shiok - It's Good Food!" or something.

Hopefully I'll have more time to look next week.

(Oh sure! Have me review *food* photos on a day when my stupid bloody 
meetings ran over and I didn't get any lunch! ... Real nice!)

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