[thechat] Cars (Re: ripped from the headlines - a speedynewsstoryforMadhu)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Aug 13 16:36:18 CDT 2004

Oops. Hit the send button a bit too soon just now. Sorry.

.:| From: William Anderson
.:| > in Iceland it's still the poorer choice ... And is not 
.:| ranked as high as
.:| > other west-european brands. It is however ranked higher 
.:| than Asian brands.
.:| Shame - some Nipponese cars rock.  Oh for a Nissan Skyline 
.:| 2002 R34 GT-R ...

Ok, i should have been clearer about that, there are 'nipponese' cars that
are just fine - for most people, but there is a european snob as well.

.:| > May I remind you - Iceland is a snob and a half ... Very 
.:| high standard of
.:| > living and everything is expensive ... As if we would 
.:| ever feel proud
.:| > driving a car with east-european name on it ... No matter 
.:| how west-european
.:| > it has gotten recently.
.:| That's a pretty shocking attitude.  You'll find that 
.:| several so-called 
.:| Eastern European countries (which still conjures images of 
.:| the Soviet Bloc) 
.:| manufacture cars and other goods for "the West" - 
.:| Volkswagen, GM (Opel) are 
.:| prime examples.  You might even find parts of your Omega 
.:| were produced in 
.:| Opel's Hungary facilities!

Well, yes and your ford escort was either german or brazillian, i know that
but they had western names ;)
I might have been a bit too harsh towards my own people in my last email, so
take it with a grain of salt :)


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