[thechat] Traffic Light Cameras

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Aug 17 12:43:02 CDT 2004

Elfur Logadóttir noted:

>>Well, if you can drive over 1400km on less than one tank of petrol in any
>>other car, let me know.

Hi Elfur!

Aw come-on ... Even with a one gallon tank, that's only a measely 868MPG!

Minimum sweat! ;-)

Heck - we got high school kids here who can double that!


(Who remembers watching old black and white footage of contests like 
this. They've been held every so often for quite a few years. {Not 
even counting the GM Sunraycer team and the solar challenge cars!})

[Anybody else remember an old TV advertising campaign where they used to 
drive two cars around a circular track to show how much further you could 
drive on a gallon of _their_ gasoline?]

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