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deacon web at master.gen.in.us
Thu Aug 19 12:47:50 CDT 2004

On 18 Aug 2004 at 9:23, Martin Burns wrote:
> On Wed, August 18, 2004 1:53 am, deacon said:
> > I wonder, if you add the environmental impact of *manufacturing* to
> > the environmental impact of *operating* cars, how much advantage
> > the Prius would have.
> http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/prius.shtml
> http://www.toyota.com/about/environment/news/enviroreport.html
> http://www.priusview.com/news.asp
> (all on the 1st page of Google results btw)

That's just about *assembly*. 
> Where's the equivalent for your car?

The equivalent? I bought used, so "assembly" consisted of removing a 
10-day-tag from the back window and attaching a license plate to the 
bumper. Which is why talking about *assembly* is absurd.

I said *manufacturing*, not assembly. Starting with digging stuff out of 
the earth and refining it. 

> > Manufacturing batteries is traditionally not a low-pollution industry.
> Compared to, say, manufacturing cars as a whole... And say, doesn't your normal car also
> have a battery?

Yes, my car has a battery. A Prius has two - a little lead-acid battery 
like mine for running accessories, AND a big honking traction battery. 

Do you know how difficult it is to produce lanthanum? Or nickel? The 
reason you haven't heard much about the environmental effects of 
NiMH battery manufacture is that most of it happens in China where 
the eco-nuts aren't noticing it. That won't last forever. 

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