[thechat] Re: Chile's tennis fighting for the medals

Dave Fitch lists at dere-street.com
Mon Aug 23 01:52:06 CDT 2004

On 11:54 am +0100 martin wrote:

>>  Ok: do you think the BBC's commentator's have been taking lessons on
>>  partisanship from NBC?? They are absolutely driving me spare, the
>>  idiot doing the rowing today would have been more use if he'd been in
>>  the water...

>You've not been paying attention then - the BBC has *always* been 
>partisan in their
>sports coverage.

Ok, confession time here. I just got my first tv about a month ago, 
so all I have to compare it to is Radio 5, which I think is 
relatively unbiased...

>  I'm actually pretty OK about that, except that they behave more like
>the English Broadcasting Corporation - victorious Scots are usually 
>described as
>"British", while victorious English competitors are usually 
>described as "English".
>Conversely, losing English competitors are described as "British" 
>(see also "British"
>football fans).

Yes, that canard... you get used to it to some degree...
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