[thechat] Re: accent or mispronounciation?

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon Aug 23 08:33:46 CDT 2004

deke noted:

> In the US, sports writers aren't supposed to be literate; they are barely
> required to be able to get both a subject and verb within three
> paragraphs of each other.  We extend the low expectations to
> sportscasters as well.

oh man, i had to stop watching the opening ceremony
when the announcer (the U.S. announcer) proclaimed:
"And from the geometry hall of fame, this has gotta be Euclid!"

total bummer, no stations without announcers -- trying to listen to the
music and watch all the cool stuff with morons talking over it is about as
satisfying as a chile pepper and salt sandwich.

and *then* there's the US coverage, which is unavoidably grotesque. evening
TV is full of the events we're winning at, full of sob stories about how
HARD this poor athelete worked to get here. DUH?!?!? this is the olympics

we get shots of "and there's his/her parents" looking on....
but NEVER for a non-US athelete. i guess they don't have families, or jobs
at home depot, or any training....ugh!!!


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