[thechat] Relieve your stress

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Aug 23 10:03:19 CDT 2004

Martin Burns noted:

>>It's missing the most important action: wringing it like a wet cloth - 
>>makes the most excellent breaking bones noise.

Hi Martin,

Ohhhhhh ... I'm DEFINITELY up for some 'breaking bones noise' this 

I sent my IT crew some updated data to load into Oracle last week. 
Country info, it kinda looked like: "Chile   CL    1    2".  I sent 
it to them in an Excel spreadsheet.

I screwed up.  It was supposed to look like: "CL   Chile   1   2".
(ISO Country Code in the 1st column instead of the 2nd.) My bad.

It's in frickin Excel! ... I lost a week on the project because these 
boogers couldn't figure out how to transpose two columns in Excel???

Ohhhhhhh Yeah ... 'breaking bone noise' ... I'm up for it!

Some cranky Texan

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