[thechat] Re: accent or mispronounciation?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Aug 23 10:39:21 CDT 2004

Morgan Kelsey ranted on about US TV Olympic coverage:

>>total bummer, no stations without announcers 

+1!  (I turn the sound off and/or pick up a guitar.)

>>and *then* there's the US coverage, which is unavoidably grotesque. evening
>>TV is full of the events we're winning at, full of sob stories about how
>>HARD this poor athelete worked to get here. DUH?!?!? this is the olympics

... and the password is ... "jingoistic"!

(Who kinda questions whether the whole concept means anything anymore 
... if an athlete doesn't live in, train in, or even come from the 
country s/he is competing for ... how much sense does that make?)

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