accent or mispronounciation? (was RE: [thechat]Chile'stennisfighting for the medals)

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Mon Aug 23 14:05:12 CDT 2004

Sabrina Dent noted:

>>That would be Raphaels Park to you and me. I got *laughed at* when I
>>read the sign correctly, and pronounced it locally ever after.

Yup. I used to live close to Kuykendahl Road. (Locally pronounced 
'Kirk-n-doll' although I still haven't figgered out where that 'r' 
comes from.) And the city of Humble, Texas has a silent 'H'.

The only one that really bugs me around here is the name of the oldest 
dance hall in Texas ... Gruene Hall. If you pronounce it anyways other 
than 'Green' - someone *will* step forward to correct you ... and this 
in a State with a large heritage of German settlers!

>>And afaik, you're looking for Man and Hess-a. 

Oh well, I've been 1/2 right I guess ... I've usually gone with 'mon' 
and 'Hess-a'.

>>My peeve is people who say Vlad-I-mer NA-bo-kov when it's Vla-DEE-meer 

Hmmmm ... I guess I missed the boat there as well ... I've usually gone 
with either 'Vlad-a-mere NAB-a-kov' ... or 'that guy whut wrote that 
thar Lolita book'!

>>I can't pronounce most items on a French menu 

Oh, I'll often give the restaurant menu's a go ... usually Italian or 
Mexican ... sometimes the Oriental. (I had a friend who ran a Vietnamese 
restaurant - she would help correct my pronunciation.)


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