[thechat] Chile's tennis fighting for the medals

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 17:29:36 CDT 2004

--- javier velasco <lists at mantruc.com> wrote:

> In Chile, on the other hand, we have the (somewhat 
> silly) tradition of making an effort of pronouncing
> european-language 
> (mostly english) words as close as possible as they
> are supposed to, 
> while our neighbor country, Argentina, always adapts
> their sound and accent to their own fit.
I was watching Man U vs Norwich City on Saturday, in
Spanish as usual. I've noticed that the announcers 
follow the Chilean approach to pronunciation, 
pronouncing names and places pretty much as they would

be pronounced in England. I couldn't figure out, 
however, why they kept talking about geeks. I mean, 
these guys are professional athletes, not geeks. I
imagine some of our UK members are already a step 
ahead of me on this one.

Then when Man U had a corner kick I saw the name on
back of #11 was "Giggs." Ah, now I understood.


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