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> > Is your US citizenship transferable if you do emigrate? ;)
> Define 'transferable.' It ain't easy to get EU/Irish 
> citizenship, and I don't know if we can keep our US 
> citizenship if we get EU.
> Anyone else got clues?

You don't get an EU passport as such. You get a passport from a
particular EU country, in this case Ireland. You are allowed to have
dual citizenship between the US and Ireland. You can, in fact, carry
passports from both nations. (I'd go with the Irish passport; Irish
hostages are less attractive than American ones and *nobody* bothers to
kidnap Irish journalists.)

But you actually don't need the passport. You just need Irish residency,
which is a visa stamped in your American passport. 

> > If you or your spouse have an Irish parent or grandparent, 
> you're in 
> > like Flynn. Except said person should apply for his/her 
> Irish passport 
> > ASAP, because that regulation looks as though it may change shortly.
> Sadly, no. It also used to apply to having a child born 
> there, I think, but that's changing, and we're not producing 
> our second for another 18 months so we'll miss that wire.

Ahh well. You could always marry an Irishman and get immediate residency
rights in Ireland. I'd offer up John Handelaar, but I'm already marrying
him :)


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