[thechat] american table manners -- fork in right or left..?

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Wed Aug 25 04:57:01 CDT 2004

At 15:11 25/08/2004, Norman Beresford wrote:
>I seem to recall that if you're using a single piece of cutlery you use
>your left hand, however if you're using a pair (ie knife and fork) you
>have the fork in your right hand.

I do it exactly the other way around. :)

Ain't that European style?

Ashok wrote:

>WIth the fork
>in her left hand, she
>was about to raise it to her mouth -- when he slapped her hand.  "Not like
>transfer the fork to your right hand...!"

Americans like him give the rest of them a bad name.

>"I dont know....In the States we always eat it like this...," was his

Uh huh. Default setting for the rest of the world, then.
Wonder if he'll freak out that we Indians use our fingers for Indian food.

I suggest you don't drive him around then. He might slap your wrist while 
driving saying, "Drive on the right side of the road." Could be dangerous. :(


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