[thechat] Weird-ass FTP problem

s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Sat Aug 28 03:36:19 CDT 2004

<quote who='Madhu Menon' when='28/08/2004 09:56'>

> Hey folks.
> My personal site and restaurant site are hosted with two separate 
> people. One is through the kindness of a fellow evolter.
> So here's the problem. I'm trying to upload some pics to a folder on my 
> restaurant site. They look fine on my PC, but when I've uploaded them 
> and check them in the browser, lots of JPEG artifacts appear in the 
> uploaded version. I've checked several times to make sure my eyes 
> weren't deceiving me.
> This of course does not happen when I upload the same pics to my 
> personal blog.
> To see an example, here's a nice pic of my restaurant (audience: wowww!):
> http://madmanweb.com/misc/shiok-pan.jpg

(good, uh?)

> And here is the *same* pic uploaded on my restaurant site:
> http://shiokfood.com/misc/shiok-pan.jpg
> Where are they mystery artifacts coming from? How could it possibly 
> happen in the FTP process? I'm using FTP Voyager, FWIW.
> Any help appreciated.

It looks like the file has been re-compressed on the pro site. Do you 
have server-side compression enabled?

I've never done that, though. But you know what I mean, gzipping content 
or something before sending it to the browser (I read through some 
comments about it a long time ago). Hosting providers use it to reduce 

It's not *the* solution, but maybe it'll help anyway.

Say, shouldn't it be on thelist instead?
You owe a non-tip :)

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