[thechat] Weird-ass FTP problem

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Aug 29 03:49:29 CDT 2004

>Don't worry. It's just my mission in life to know something about 
>everything. ;)

I'm glad I've influenced you in a positive way, young paduwan. :)

>say bmi, when the teacher starts asking about it in a project management 

Body Mass Index?

>>OK, so er... There's still the voodoo hypothesis, eh?
>Anybody placed you under a curse lately, Madhu?

Many have tried, but my strong magic and alliance with Good repels all that 

Besides, if you strike me down, I will come back more powerful than you can 
ever imagine.

>Seriously, though. Have you tried, after uploading the image to your 
>restaurant server, downloading it again through FTP?

Just did that.

>If nothing's different about it, then I'd say your server is using some 
>weird filter to try to compress large images or something.

Er, something *is* different.

I present to you the horror that was the downloaded image: 

Egads! My pixels are getting mangled in the ether!

>not that I've heard of one, but I'm sure it's possible. If that's the 
>case, then I guess you'll need to find a new host, if that picture is 

It only seems to happen to larger images.
The site is hosted by Hugh Blair of evolt.org
I'll have a word with him.

I'm using the same client for uploading and downloading from both sites, so 
I'm guessing this is a server-related issue. Both servers run Linux.

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I'm not a fan of the bland custard-like taste and texture of regular tofu. 
Want it to taste more like meat? Put a block overnight in the freezer. Then 
let it thaw for a few hours in the regular compartment. Cut this up. The 
resulting tofu has a more chewy texture that absorbs flavours better.



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