[thechat] Weird-ass FTP problem

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Aug 29 09:17:47 CDT 2004

At 18:29 29/08/2004, William Anderson wrote:
>I doubt it's happening in the FTP stream - try downloading a JPEG you've 
>just uploaded, because I bet it'll look identical when you look at it.

I tried using the same connection to do this with another large image. 
Unfortunately, the results are scary.

Original image: http://madmanweb.com/misc/flower.jpg

Mangled: http://www.shiokfood.com/misc/flower.jpg

Downloaded back on same connection (and mangled even more):

>It looks to me that the shiokfood.com host has some sort of inline JPEG 
>downsampling going on when transfers get to a certain size to save their 
>(and presumably your) bandwidth transfer rates - either on the webserver 
>itself or at some network egress point.

That certainly is unusual. I've never heard of someone doing that.

>Look at both pictures - the JPEG downsampling only appears to begin about 
>1/3rd down the photo, above that line both photos are *identical*.

>Seriously, talk to your hoster and see what the hell they're playing at.

I've mailed him.

(OK, update just as I was typing this:
the Windows XP ftp tool also reports the same problem. However, FTP 
Explorer uploads it fine: http://www.shiokfood.com/misc/shiok-ftpx.jpg

Maybe it's some setting in FTP Voyager. Will continue to investigate.



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