[thechat] Marigolds?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Sep 8 07:33:46 CDT 2004

Hi Gang,

I watched 'Monsoon Wedding' last night.  Pretty good flick.

[I thought it was pretty cute that the groom had flown in from 
Houston ... since several of my IT guys here have flown back 
to India for weddings (usually their own).]

While there were probably a number of gags in the movie that I 
"didn't get" ... there is one in particular that I'm going to 
ask about.

There is one character who seems to spend most of the movie eating 
orange colored Marigolds.  What's up with that?

Are the orange ones especially yummy? ... Or is this an Eastern 
version of 'stupid things guys falling in love do'?


(Who has eaten Nasturtiums, yummy in salads, and chewed the roots 
of Queen Anne's Lace, tastes like carrots - but too chewy - eventually 
you have to spit them out, but doesn't remember eating Marigolds.)

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