[thechat] sending out mails - SE not working

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 06:19:59 CDT 2004

hi all

I was wondering what people thought of mails where you basically write 
to someone in your subject area, telling them you like there work and 
would they like to see your work?

you offer up the best of what your site has and see what happens. they 
either visit or they dont. they might not visit and you never hear back 
from them or you might get a curt reply saying "I dont visit sites if im 
asked to".

is this a softer way of finding link partners?

you dont actually ask people to link to your site, you just ask them to 
visit, and let them decide if youre a worthy addition to their link list.

i cant quite see of any other way of getting your word out, because the 
SE always fails for the small guy.

surely sending "out of the blue msgs" rather than having the "oh but we 
never knew you were there" is better, even if you get the "i never asked 
to be contacted by you" sortr of response.



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