[thechat] Good Movie!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Sep 17 10:20:43 CDT 2004

Bob || Chris offered up some movie suggestions.

> [Bob] A movie that's also good (and in theaters now) is Hero. It's beautiful. 

> [Chris] I would heartily recommend City of God. Absolutely excellent.

Thanks Guys!!

I had seen both of those as 'possibilities' ... but since you recommend them 
... I've added them to my 'things to get on Netf[l]ix' list.   


(Whoa! That was wierd! ... I had to change my MS Outlook settings a few 
minutes ago in order to read a 'business' email ... [it had some completely 
unnecessary table formatting that, unfortunately, gets totally screwed up 
and becomes pretty much unreadable unless you choose "use MS Word as your 
email editor" as a tool - option setting] ... anyway, Chris's email was the 
first evolt message I tried reading after setting that option ... 

Damn thing came up in *four* different colors! And had a bold and formatted 
sig at the bottom ... <hr> looking line break things, multiple font sizes, 
live links ....... A true 'WTF' experience! ... Shocked the heck out of me!


Yes - I have turned that back off - when it's on you don't even get 
an option to send plain text outbound.  Too too exciting.

[The suggestion to make the change came from an internal IT-Operations type.] 

Sweet, huh?)

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