[thechat] Madhu's New Digicam - How's the Shutter Lag Time?

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 17 15:31:59 CDT 2004

--- Madhu Menon <chef at shiokfood.com> wrote:

> At 05:17 17/09/2004, Terry Fowler wrote:
> >and determined it's a candidate for MY
> >next camera), just how is the shutter lag time on
> it?
> VERY fast in the day time. Night exposures of course
> take longer (and you *need* a tripod)
I was never satisfied with the night pix on my Olympus
C-700. And you could hardly see squat in the
or on the lcd. 

> Are you planning to buy it for its size, Terry?
> Because that's the only reason I bought it.

Size is a huge consideration. Heh heh, I made a funny!

> (But my camera lasts 360 shots with LCD on with one
> battery charge. Freakin' awesome.)

That's what I read at Steves-Digicams, sounds great!
Do you know how much an extra battery costs, btw?
> I use it mostly for food photography. I'll post some
> pics later.
Ah, that'll just me make hungry!! Bring it on!

Hmm, while I'm here and on the subject, I wonder if
any of our photoshoppers here can give a tip. I took
several pix a while back with my daughters digicam and
found out after downloading them that there was a big
fingerprint on the lense. I got the lense cleaned up
nice and proper, but any tips on how to clean up the


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