[thechat] San Jose Mercury News

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Sep 20 07:31:19 CDT 2004

Paul Cowan asked:

>>Can someone there give me an idea what 'sort' of newspaper the Mercury 
>>News is?

... and noted:

>>Just curious, one of their journalists wants to interview me (??!?)

Hi Paul,

Congrats!!  ... That's pretty cool!  

(Presuming, of course, it's not relating to any forthcoming conviction 
for embarrassing behavior!)


Although I'm not in the SJ area, 'the Mercury' is probably my most often 
used bookmark. I've read it every day for years ... well ... part of it 
anyway.  IMO they have the best on-line comics section of any newspaper 
I've been able to find ... let's me keep up with Foxtrot, Dilbert, 9 
Chickweed Lane, Boondocks, and a few dozen other strips ... every day.

(Mondays take a little longer since I have to catch up on the weekend 
strips as well.)

I had heard their 'tech' section was very good ... but I mostly stick to 
the comics ... or check out an 'entertainment' link on a movie / concert / 
video game review.

It's a smaller metropolitan paper ... but I think it's pretty well done.

Have Fun & Good Luck with the Interview!

(I try to hit a few comics on the unitedmedia.com site every day, then 
the comics in the Mercury, then any interesting headlines or new BOfH 
stories in El Reg, then (if time allows) /.  which may, of course, go far 
to explain my odd take on current events.)

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