[thechat] San Jose Mercury News

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Sep 20 08:28:32 CDT 2004


> What there is to interview about, I'm sure I have NO idea.
> It's far from my 
> most lucid or (dare I say it) entertaining rant.

Isn't it great what comes out of the woodwork when someone expresses a
strong opinion about *anything*?

Those folks managed to drag in various forms of politics and sexual
preference, and some good ol' murrican-bashing (hey Paul, when *did* you
emigrate? ;)

That, to me, was the truly inspired leap: since you raise question about
the motivations of someone brandishing a photo of someone they're not
really familiar with, you *must* be an American, and a really bad one at

Hey, maybe that's what the interview is going to be about: your
marvelous manipulative skills. (You *do* have a future in this country .
. .)


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