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Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Sep 20 09:26:01 CDT 2004

Paul Cowan noted:

>>Erm.. it's stranger than that. Apparently, he wants to talk to me about 
>>the discussion spawned on my blog by my rant about people who wear Che 
>>Guevara T-Shirts without having any idea who he is:

Ha! ;-)

Okay. So you *are* to be interviewed over your convictions! Heh. 
... (albeit less lurid ones than they could have been.)  Still ... it's 
all great fun!

I think Joel's right ... you pegged some interesting 'Trollometers' 
with that one!  The comments are all over the map.

I knew a guy in colege who actually held a degree from Patrice Lumumba 
University. He was from the (former) royal family of Togo. [His father 
abdicated the crown.]

Anyway ... We'd watch the hip black revolutionary guys walk by with 
their tribal affiliation printed on the back of their jacket ... and 
he would give me the 'home story' reputation of those various tribes 
... usually "thieves" or worse ... and ask me why they were advertising 
the fact on their own clothes.  The guys in the jackets were completely 
clueless ... it was pretty fun!  Difficult to explain ... but still fun!

(Whose favorite t-shirt is probably the one sporting the "Southwestern" 
stylized cartoon of a bushy tailed coyote wearing outrageously gaudy 
footwear.  The tagline?  "Coyote Admiring His New Cowboy Boots".

People stare at it seaching for the punch line ... there is none. It's 
just 'art'!)

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