[thechat] Guitar ID Question

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Sep 20 16:12:06 CDT 2004

Hi Gang,

Arrrrr! ... Okay - this is reeeeeaalllly starting to bug me.

Went out to a cozy little restaurant in Kemah to meet some friends for 
brunch yesterday. The place had a (very nice) live jazz 'band' -- one 
old guy on a very very pretty guitar, another old guy with a microphone. 
They did a good job ... 'classic' blues numbers ... very nice!

I'm trying to figure out what the guitar is.

{No special reason - it's just bugging me.}

I thought it some kind of new reissue of a vintage Gibson. Maybe a 
'custom shop' job.

Here's what I saw:
- Body shape looked like an ES-175. Big jazz archtop hollow body.  
- 'Pointy' (Florentine) cutaway.
- One pickup ... silvery humbucker just below the neck.
- 'Floating' pick guard - not resting on the body.

... so far it sounds like a very nice ES-175.

However, it also had:
- New looking 'PRS' style knobs.
- New looking 'fancy' wood finish.
- Multicolored abalone [block] inlays on the neck ... not the old 'solid 
white' kind of buggers.
- Floral design multicolored abalone inlays on the headstock.

... okay ... maybe a 'custom shop' 175, right?

But here is the 'trouble maker' ...

* No 'F' holes.  

Instead it had what looked like an oval or "D" shaped soundhole.

Looked expensive.

What is it?


(No. I don't want one. [I'll bet Nagrom might!] I like the thinner 
bodies ... ["She's too fat for me."] ... ;-) I was just guessing that 
this was somewhere around an $8,000 guitar this old dude was tearing 
the place up with ... and wanted to see how close my guess was.)

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