SOLVED! ... RE: [thechat] Guitar ID Question

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Wed Sep 22 13:34:15 CDT 2004

<big sigh of relief! />

Kudos to Mr. Joel Canfield and his good pal Carey, guitarist extraordinaire 
for 'Psychedelic Daddy', (a very nice band I had the good fortune to hear 
earlier this year), for correctly id-ing the 'mystery guitar' as a "Gibson 
Howard Roberts Artist" model!

Here's some nice pix I found:

Very nice "Jazz" guitar!  ;-)

And ... as a tip ... saw this recently on the religeous news front: 
(And people didn't think I followed that kind of stuff!) ...

Four churches in Mexico install high tech Israeli 'jamming' equipment 
to keep cell phones quiet during mass! Gotta love it!  ;-)

A slightly less frazzled,


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