SOLVED! ... RE: [thechat] Guitar ID Question

Joel D Canfield joel at
Wed Sep 22 16:10:26 CDT 2004

* * Warning * * continued guitar conversation * * Warning * * 

So, our conversation turned to other GITtar stuff, and eventually led us

which I found sorta cool, 'cause had I leaned forward a few inches, I'd
be in the right side of the photo toward the bottom where Baxter is
holding a red cutaway, standing in front of a gloriously ugly baby blue
Epi arrow. We had just finished chatting about his New Yorker.

We stumbled across him at the Museum of Making Music down in San Diego;
didn't even know he was doing a tour. Wild time. Smart man, and very
funny in a dry (no, drier than that) way.


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