[thechat] Straight Dope question

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Fri Sep 24 00:53:31 CDT 2004

Oh boy, the latest question to Cecil had me ROFL:


For years I've tolerated my friend's need for a strict vegan diet. I am 
lectured nearly daily about the benefits of veganism and the injustice of 
my murderous, meat-craving lifestyle. It's gotten to the point that we 
can't go out anywhere decent because there are few places vegan-friendly 
enough to suit his tastes. He has many redeeming qualities, so our 
friendship remains strong despite our philosophical differences.

However, if there were an issue that would be a deal breaker, it would be 
his terrible, terrible gas. Its pure, unmitigated evil is indescribable. 
I'm pretty sure that in a highly concentrated form it could change laws of 
physics. Just god-awful. To make a dumb question long, are the rumors about 
vegan body odor, and specifically vegan gas, really true? Or is my friend 
just a naturally awful-smelling individual?



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