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Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Oct 5 12:38:05 CDT 2004

>>Who just finished doing a run of "Woody Guthrie's American Song"

> Congrats there "Mr. Show Biz"!!  This a 'community theatre' gig I
> take it? Any local reviews of note? Pix of you and the Kalamazoo?
> Tour plans?

Yep, community theater, no dough, no tour, just glory, uhhh.....it was a 
lotta fun though. I'll tell ya, playin "gigs" for so many years it sure is 
nice to have an audience of 100 or so victims, just SITTING THERE! Not 
talking, not drinking, not ignoring you, they HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION!

And even better, you know your lines, your songs, etc, so it ain't really 
too hard to entertain 'em. But I'm not really a fan of most "musicals" these 
days....this was more of a narrative with music throughout. And luckily, the 
director and music director were realopen-minded folks, who were happy to 
let me throw the over-worked score out the window for my solo pieces, and 
play them more like Woody would have.

Anyway, here's for your hootin' and hollerin'
Thas me on the top right, playing "Second Woody"'s 1950 J45. (These were 
from rehearsals, I didn't wear my goggles in the show)
And that's me on the lower left, holding my Kalamazoo (too bad you can't see 
the big red gorrilla on my t-shirt, the zippered pants and red Vans on my 
I had much better costumes in the show.

Got good reviews, some great reviews, no bad reviews, but they're all 
offline now....mebbe I'll put the really good ones up on my site er sumthin.

>>Yep, the band called me "Little Woody"
> As long as it wasn't your wife ... I "Woodn't" worry 'bout it!

Heh, she WISHES Woody were littler, let me tell you.....oops family list

>>Well, see by then I was Cisco Houston
> Que? ... Sorry - no Google access yet this morning.

Sigh, I thought you were an old hippy?
Love the pic of Woody on that page, that bumper sticker on his gee-tar says, 
"This machine kills facists".

Woody was apparently too sick to appear before the Warren commision in the 
50s (the pinnacle of McCarthyism in the US for you non-US folks, when all 
the "commies" had to go to DC and testify that they weren't "commies").


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