[thechat] The A-team: on the big screen

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon Oct 18 13:55:51 CDT 2004

madhu said:

>>(or is that airwolf?)
> Another favourite. I have them both on my HDD. Airwolf theme is great to 
> listen to when you're taking a sporty car out for a drive. Go on, try it. 
> :)

ya know, it's funny you should mention it....

someone clipped my car a couple of months ago (while I was at "chess night" 
at the local coffee house--when will I learn that chess is just plain evil.)

anyway, the person had insurance so i got to get my car fixed.
the rent-a-wreck place was out of dodge neons though,
so they gave me a chrysler sebring convertible.

I said, "I can smoke in this thing right?"
sales lady: "absolutely not"
nagrom: "you mean only with the top down, right?"

but yes, "the airwolf theme" cranking with the top
down would have been awesome.
like, RonL kind of awesome.
as it was, I was on a major Sun Ra binge (happens every summer)

so, i probably would have gotten as many funny looks
from people anyway, hehehe....


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