[thechat] The A-team: on the big screen

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Oct 18 16:27:45 CDT 2004

Morgan Kelsey noted:

>>when will I learn that chess is just plain evil.

Hmmm ... izzat why you're blocking new challenges??

>>but yes, "the airwolf theme" cranking with the top
>>down would have been awesome.
>>like, RonL kind of awesome.

Oh man ... I didn't think I had told you about that ... 

It was a beautiful summer day ... warm ... gorgeous sky ... just about 
pushing noon ... as pretty a Saturday as you could hope for. I was headed 
out to an antiquarian bookshop across town. Every window and the sunroom 
in the Saab - all wide open ... stereo cranked up to "11" ... I'm having 
a very good day!

I'm in the middle of downtown, right in front of the courthouse and the 
traffic light turns yellow on me. No worries. I'm in no rush. I ease it 
on down and stop in the curb line directly opposite the bus stop.

You've seen the bus stop in front of the downtown courthouse, right? 
Handful of old black dudes ... worn suites ... skinny ties ... stooped 
shoulders ... half invisible ... sitting still ... not moving a muscle 
... staring at their shoes ... 

I'm sitting at the curb about 4 seconds when their heads snap up. They 
start angling around on the bench ... bending sideways ... trying to see 
into my car. They look at one another ... and then look back at the car. 
Quizzical, almost distrustful expressions ...

Then the smiles start. Not those little 'old man' smirks ... but those 
'ear to ear' little boy grins.  They get up and start shuffling over to 
my car ... smiling and waving. 

I swear ... with every step these guys took you could *see* more spring 
in their stride ... and if you looked _really_ close you could just about 
see the years falling away from them.  

I'm grinning and waving and laughing ... they're grinning and waving and 
laughing. It was a wonderful moment. My light turned green, I waved and 
headed off to the bookstore. I think I gave them a little bit of hope for 
the younger generation ... I was having a very good day.

(Oh, that was the "Duke's Blues" CD from Duke Robillard that I had 
cranked up in the car that day. 40's style jump-back swing blues. 
Great album ... and I've got several 'thumbs up' from the old dudes 
to prove it!!)


[Who really wishes he could have heard the smack the old guys laid on 
their hip-hop listening grandkids when they got home ... heh!]

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