[thechat] Bailing out...

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 22 10:42:45 CDT 2004

> Groove Armada: Dirty Listening
> The Orb: Little Fluffy Clouds

both of these are consistent friends, along with Massive Attack,
Kruder&Dorfmeister ("The K&D Sessions" is a must-own. You may be
surprised how much you recognize), DJ Food (and really, anything from
Ninja Tune[1]) if I'm feeling a little funky; Supreme Beings of
Leisure is a little more pop, but not bad

> Songs in a language you don't understand are *very* useful for
> this. In 

+1 ... I try to stay away from lyrics altogether, else I find myself
paying attention to the song more than the work [shrug]

> > Looking for more ambient sounds? Tangerine Dream. IBox, discs 1

Tangerine Dream has been around since, what, 1930? Lots of good
stuff. Air is also one to look into. I really really wanted to like
Stereolab, but just couldn't. Funki Porcini is also good for spicing
up the lounge

> Brian Eno/Harold Budd: the Pearl.

Most of Eno rules. Take a peek at /Ambient One: Music for Airports/,
/Thursday Afternoon/, and /The Shutov Assembly/

> Moby also has an album or two of ambient music

If you get NPR (or XM Satellite), search out the Hearts of Space
radio show (http://www.hos.com/) -- it's just sublime. I stumbled
across a two-CD release called "Slow Music for Fast Times" and it's a
constant in my CD player, perfect for chilling out and post-hockey
game cool down :)


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