[thechat] Tuna ideas

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Wed Oct 27 20:36:04 CDT 2004

Madhu Menon wrote:
  I assume we are talking about whole tuna, not the material
sold in the little cans. I also have to assume that your tuna
in the Indian is the same as our Atlantic tuna species.
Otherwise, I have no idea.

> a) What do you like to make with tuna?

  Most tuna here is sold in steaks rather than whole fish. I
like it marinated and grilled. Many people like it almost raw
inside the steak, but I like it a little more cooked. I like
to marinate in a little lemon and teriake sauce, a little
basil & pepper, olive oil, etc.

> b) What are other interesting ways in which you've seen it prepared?

  I have seen grilled tuna steaks sliced and used in salads or
over vegetables, etc. Otherwise, you can use it like most any
other oily fish like salmon or bluefish.

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