[thechat] Tuna ideas

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Oct 27 21:58:34 CDT 2004

.:| From: Madhu Menon
.:| I have never made a single dish with tuna in my life.
.:| So...
.:| a) What do you like to make with tuna?

I don't like tuna myself, but I asked a distinguished family member [1] and
these are his tips:

Not much cooking but lots of spice :)
Don't boil it, either fry it or grill it, or serve it raw.
Goes well with Koreander and fruits.

I have two recipes for you:
(hopefully I'll manage to translate this well, if not, don't shoot the
messenger :)

(in tandoori, with chilijam and soya)

500-600 gr tuna
150 gr pickled ginger
150 ml japanese soyasauce
Wasabi (amount dependent of taste)
Dulse (latin: rhodymenia palmata)
Fresh Koreander
Seagras (that's a direct translation, but it might be some sort of seaweed
Chilijam (seperated recipe)
A jar of Tandoori chyme (heh, that's the icelandic version, if i were to be
stereotypical i would think you'd have your own recipe for that :)

Roll the tuna in the tandoori chyme, fry or grill for a few seconds on all
four sides and then cut in thin slices. The soya sauce, chilijam, wasabi and
pickled ginger served on the side.

And the Chilijam:
20 gr ginger
5 pcs shallot (wild onion)
8 sectors of garlic
4 pcs red chili
1 pc lemongrass
100 gr sugar
100 ml whitewine
100 ml mirin (sweet sake)
100 ml sake
Peal the vegetables dice it and fry in a pot. Add the sugar and the liquid.
Boil until the juice is vapored. Minced in a mixer.

The second one is dead simple :)
2-300 gr tuna
Brown rice
Fresh salat
1-2 paprikas
Feta cheese in oil
Soya sauce (i.e. Ketjap Manis ??)

Mix the salat, slice the paprika and add it, seperate the Feta cheese from
its oil and add to the salat. Grill the tuna for 2mins a side. Serve with
rice, salat and soya. :)

Measurements are grams (gr), pieces (pc, pcs) and milliliters (ml)

[1] my brother, the amateur cook :)


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