[thechat] Tuna ideas

chris lists at semioticpixels.com
Thu Oct 28 13:37:44 CDT 2004

Here's 2 of my favorites for both salmon and tuna:

- Marinate tuna steaks in lime juice, olive oil, salt & pepper. Grill (8-10
min) after a couple hours
- serve with roasted red peppers, eggplant and garlic

-marinate steak in lime and grated lime rind. Grill (5-8 min)
-serve with mango/papaya chutney
--chop up 1 papaya and 1 mango (you  might be able to get these canned)
--dice a fresh chili (do NOT stick your fingers in your eyes after handling
the chili seeds - I learned that the hard way :). Leave the seeds in if  you
want it to be hot and spicy. Otherwise, save them for some other dish.
--chop up about 3T fresh cilantro
--mix it all up and season with salt and black pepper to taste.

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