[thechat] Holiday suggestions

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Sun Oct 31 16:21:06 CST 2004

G'day mates.

It's been a long time since I was in Oz, so thought I'd ask you about this.

My dear cousin is being sent to Australia in the first week of January for 
a business conference in Sydney for 4 days. It's her first time in 
Australia, so she plans to get there about 5 days earlier so she can check 
out some other places there too. She's travelling with 5 other people too.

So... with a budget of about AU$1500, where else can she go to have a good 
time? In her words, she wants to "check out different kinds of places and 
just have fun". (She's 24, if that matters.)

Any ideas?



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