[thechat] Memory or CPU?

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 14:47:16 CST 2004

> and I ran into a question.  Which is better for crunching through
> large 
> data files on an ad-hoc analysis ... more memory or more CPU?

Using what software??

How large are the files?

How often? (How ad-hoc?)

I'd tend to favor memory over raw CPU, but it depends on the type of

> It looks like I might have a choice between:
>  - a 2.0Ghz processor and 1Gb of memory,
>  - a 1.8Ghz processor and 2Gb of memory, or 
>  - a 3.4Ghz processor and 1Gb of memory.
> I think I'd prefer the last machine (mostly because it has the
> largest 
> display).

What other stuff will you be doing on it?

Can you get a memory upgrade in six months? a year? (then get the

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