[thechat] Blogger gets visit from Secret Service

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Tue Nov 9 13:36:04 CST 2004

 From the "I love Dubya... four more years!" department:



A couple of weeks ago, following the last presidential debate, I said some 
rather inflammatory things about George W. Bush in a public post in my LJ, 
done in a satirical style. We laughed, we ranted, we all said some things. 
I thought it was a fairly harmless (and rather obvious) attempt at humor in 
the face of annoyance, and while a couple of people were offended, as is 
typical behavior from me, I saw something shiny and forgot about it, 
thinking that the whole thing was over and done and nothing else would come 
of what I said.

I was wrong.

At 9:45 last night, the Secret Service showed up on my mother's front door 
to talk to me about what I said about the President, as what I said could 
apparently be misconstrued as a threat to his life.




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