[thechat] Yowza

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 10 10:56:32 CST 2004

Drew Shiel bragged:

>>I occasionally whinge about my workplace, but I think I'll stop giving
>>out about it too much. They've just announced the Christmas Party will
>>be in the K Club - www.kclub.ie - pretty much the poshest place in the
>>country. I'm a bit stunned.

Dang Drew! Wow! 

... Need a caddy?

Hmmm ... methinks it could get a mite nippy on the back nine sir ... 
better to bring an extra flask with ye!

>>But hey, I have something to whinge about - gonna have to buy a new suit. 

Eh? ... a puffy tam, a collared shirt, an argyle sweater vest, plaid 
'jackass' knicks, and the 'dress' spikes with the white spats should 
suit you up just fine!  


(Who may get a wee bit of the 'greens' in himself when his son comes 
a-visitin' in late December.)

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