[thechat] economical travel within Ireland

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Nov 23 03:42:52 CST 2004

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> [.ie trip snippage]
> We're not stuck on the idea of having our own car (at least, not for
> EU700 for the month) and we're not averse to a good walk.

If you're coming into Dublin Airport, talk to SixT over in the 'pleb' car 
rental zone, which is over in the far right back corner of the arrivals hall 
on the bottom floor, as you're looking out to the front door.  They did us 
(me, John, Sabrina and friends) a top deal on a Fiat Marea for the weekend 
which totally stomped on top of what Avis and Hertz were after (not to 
mention didn't want €900 credit available on my credit card like Hertz did 
in case I fucked the car up - my crime?  I was 5 months under 30 years old!) 
  YMMV of course :)

BBC-type disclaimer: Other car rental firms are available.

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