[thechat] cooking stuffing in a turkey?

Sean German ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Wed Nov 24 17:34:53 CST 2004


Any tips on cooking stuffing in a turkey?  (Other than don't do it)

I've got my turkey technique pretty solid, and it involves an empty bird
except for a couple veggies for flavor.  I've always taken to the
admonishment that a stuffed turkey takes so long to cook through to the
center the outside ends up over done.

Well, I volunteered for turkey duty at the in-laws tomorrow, and I'm getting
pretty clear signals they expect stuffing cooked in the turkey.  My
tentative plan is to cook the stuffing separately, and then stuff the bird
with about 40 minutes to go in the oven.  That way I can get visual
confirmation of stuffing coming out of the turkey, but my breast don't dry
out while everything cooks through.

TheChat crowd is pretty hip to the cookery scene.  Any tips on satisfying
the in-laws without doing bad stuff to my bird?

Sean G.

"I'd like to bury my face in two dozen 'Krispy Kreme' glazed donuts & just
lie there & think about Hello Kitty!"--Zippy


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