[thechat] cooking stuffing in a turkey?

Sean German ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Fri Nov 26 10:55:11 CST 2004

> <obquote>
> Operator: "Thank you for calling the Butterball Hotline."
> President Josiah Bartlet : "If I cook the stuffing inside my 
> turkey, can I kill my guests? I'm not saying that would be a 
> deal breaker."
> </obquote>

Col.  (chuckle out loud)

It's the day after, and I think everyone pulled through.  I culled all the
tips from various sources...and did the opposite.  I crammed a much stuffing
as I could into the turkey, and turned the heat up and covered the breast
for the last third of cooking.

What I did do right was baste liberally and keep a close eye on the meat

We're heading back today for the true test: turkey sammiches.

Thanks for the help and have a gobble gobble weekend!

Sean G.

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