[thechat] My baby is one year old!

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Dec 2 13:30:51 CST 2004

Ron ruggested:

> A band might be nice ...

What are you nuts? (nevermind, don't answer)

Don't you know a band takes up the space of at *least* one table? Then you 
have the problem of the people coming back because they like the music, and 
you don't have enough room, and the people next to the band are annoyed, and 
the band is going out back every break with their hookahs bothering your 
kitchen staff, and making less than the waitresses, and and --

Yep, my music degree looks REAL nice on my wall.
Right next to my cuckoo clock.(really)

(who has so many xmas gigs this month he's gonna be barfing suzy 
snowflakes -- but needs the dough)

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