band gigs (was RE: [thechat] My baby is one year old!)

Joel D Canfield joel at
Thu Dec 2 16:38:34 CST 2004

> Ha! ... I caught part of EC's Texas Crosroads Guitar event on 
> PBS last 
> night ... featured a number of players waaaaaay older and 
> feebler than 
> us!

hoohah! what a show!

It was kinda fun when Joe Walsh fired up Funk 49, and I could impress
Best Beloved by playing the bassline to it. (Hell; it impressed me, I
didn't think I remembered it.)

Robert Randolph - this guy enters the realm of the unreal, joining Skunk
Baxter and Steve Howe as the only guys I've heard make a steel guitar
sound like a major rock force instead of a country thingy.

So, um, where was Mark Knopfler? And I heard Jeff Beck was there, but he
weren't on the show.


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