[thechat] WAS My baby, NOW getting cuckoo

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Dec 3 13:29:43 CST 2004

RonL wroteth:

>>Right next to my cuckoo clock.(really)
> Oh Man! ... my Black Forest beauty is gathering dust in a closet these 
> days ... concerns over small grandchildren attempting to play Tarzan or 
> something ... not sure wifey will ever let me crank it back up again 
> ... waaaah.

well, mine's at my office, i'm sure it wouldn't "fly" at home....

but you could probably hide yours under that King Arthur 
table of yours -- couplea holes in the floor for the weights, hehehe.

it sure is great when a client calls me at 11:55.

the other folks who have offices on the same floor as mine,
heh, well, i'm not sure how they feel about it, but we don't seem to 
talk much. hmmm, i wonder why?

mine's actually pretty special (to me). it belonged to my 
piano teacher whose name was Jaki Byard 
(he's on lots of Mingus, Dolphy and other 60s avante-garde types'
albums, and of course his own records.)

he had it RIGHT next to the piano. so he'd be playing his Rhodes
on one side of the room, while you had to deal with this thing
ticking in your ear when jamming with him on the piano. 
I once mentioned it was kind of hard to keep the tempo with 
another tempo in your ear.

Jaki said, "Oh! You're not concentrating! Want me to stop it?
  I stop it for lots of guys."
I said, "No -- you're right, I can do it."
He kept egging me on, "Are you sure? I'll stop it...."
Me: "No!"
Jaki: "Right on! Lets play 'Cherokee' as fast as possible!"
Me groaned....

So, after his tragic death a few years back, I threw together 
a little site for him, and after many emails with his daughter 
discovered how much she hated "that darn clock" 
(she had it in a box). 

When she tried to send me $50 for the site I offered to take the clock
instead, (if no one else in the family wanted it). 

So yes, call me cuckoo, I did a website for a cuckoo clock.
The keyboard I keep at the office is directly under it.
Hence, I love giving lessons at my office, the saga continues.

I'm sure he'd be glad it's being put to such good use still.

> Soooo ... how 'bout another game or two of chess?

aright, you axed for it....


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