[thechat] Meanwhile, in Edinburgh...

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Tue Dec 7 20:20:41 CST 2004

...rather a lot of evolters got together for the wedding of a Ms Sabrina Dent (a resident 
of these parts), to a Mr John Handelaar (ditto).

Ale was quaffed.  A frankly staggering amount of wine was put away by the 'volters at the 
flat on the Saturday night.  Garrett has jaw-droppingly interesting things to tell (but 
surely will fail to do so). There were many youngsters present, including the spawn of 
Burns and a nice young lady named Loa (who does not share Elfur's surname, because they 
don't do that over there) who played Solitaire on my laptop for most of the evening.

And pictures were taken.  In all of which I look rubbish.  But at least Ms Dent (who 
shall, for the record, be keeping that moniker) looks good.  Plus we barely recognised Kev 
in his suit...


So, ya know, there's the news.  Evolter-Evolter wedding.   Weird, huh?


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