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Wesley Aaron Mason wes at pmason.karoo.co.uk
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/me raises a glass of pepsi max
Couldn't think of anyone I know more truly deserving of an official
Here's to many *more* happy years to come guys! ;)

(who also recently got engaged to be married post-graduation)

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On Dec 8, 2004, at 2:20 am, John Handelaar wrote:

> ...rather a lot of evolters got together for the wedding of a Ms
> Sabrina Dent (a resident
> of these parts), to a Mr John Handelaar (ditto).
> Ale was quaffed.  A frankly staggering amount of wine was put away by
> the 'volters at the
> flat on the Saturday night.  Garrett has jaw-droppingly interesting
> things to tell (but
> surely will fail to do so). There were many youngsters present,
> including the spawn of
> Burns and a nice young lady named Loa (who does not share Elfur's
> surname, because they
> don't do that over there) who played Solitaire on my laptop for most
> of the evening.
> And pictures were taken.  In all of which I look rubbish.  But at
> least Ms Dent (who
> shall, for the record, be keeping that moniker) looks good.  Plus we
> barely recognised Kev
> in his suit...
> http://www.taracleveland.com/personal/photos/scotland2004/
> scotland2004.html
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/garrettc/sets/45846/
> http://www.easyweb.co.uk/photos/friends/gengbri_wedding
> So, ya know, there's the news.  Evolter-Evolter wedding.   Weird, huh?
> jh
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