[thechat] Meanwhile, in Edinburgh...

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Dec 9 17:48:18 CST 2004

John Handelaar wrote:
> Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> Making a left turn at Albuquerque: If we make it to Embra during our
>> Jan/Feb Ireland jaunt (10th thru 10th) y'all up for a pint or three? Any
>> other evolters in the vicinity?
> Actually, most days in Edinburgh there's no-one about but William, not 
> that you shouldn't go solely for that reason :-)

Worst of all, I'm not even *in* Embra, and getting there from Newbridge at 
any time between 0700 and 1900 is just an utter utter bastard to do :)

Not that I'm trying to put anyone off - hell, Martin might actually be back 
in country by then :>

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