[thechat] Shiok's celebration

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Sun Dec 19 23:18:16 CST 2004

Hi guys.

As you know, Shiok just finished its first year, and we're doing something 
different. All this week, from Monday to Thursday, our dinner is going to 
be a 7-course meal of delicacies specially chosen by Ze Chef (ME!!!) to 
highlight different tastes, textures, flavours, and cooking methods. We're 
chucking our regular menu for these four days to bring you this feast.

We have three separate menus - Chicken Special, Seafood Lover, and 
Vegetarian Supreme. And we have two different sets of those, so that's a 
total of 6 different menus.

I know you guys can't be here, but please do take a look at the menus, 
which I've linked to on the home page - www.shiokfood.com


PS: Joel and others, we did have a celebration on the birthday. We had a 
"raffle" where guests had to pick a token from a basket and they got a 
random prize - from a discount to a free meal. It was quite the hit.

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Madhu Menon
Shiok Far-eastern Cuisine
Indiranagar, Bangalore

Chef's Notes: http://www.shiokfood.com/notes/

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