[thechat] Tuna, Texas

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Dec 20 08:50:13 CST 2004

Hi Gang,

Went down to "the official opera house of Texas" yesterday. (The Grand - 
built in 1894 in Galveston - and survivor of _many_ nasty storms over the 
years.)  Interesting place!

Drove down to see the play "A Tuna Christmas". Nope. Had absolutely no 
idea what it was going to be about .. it just sounded like fun ... 

(I knew Galveston was famous for their 'Dickens on the Strand' extravaganza 
... but I wasn't sure where this fit in.)

[It's a tough show to get tickets for ... always sells out early ... 
but we finally remembered early enough this year (a couple months ago) 
to call ahead and reserve some seats.]

The two actors, who have now written three plays involving the mythical 
residents of Tuna, Texas (3rd smallest town in Texas) have been touring 
these shows for over 20 years now.

If you get a chance to catch one of these, I think you will enjoy it. 
A wonderful comedy lampooning the stereotypical residents of small 
town Texas. (Heck, I think more than half of the characters were in 
the audience with us!)

And they were all there ... from the farm report radio DJs of station 
OKKK ... to the waitresses down at the Tasty Kreme ... from the reform 
school taxidermist ... to the chain-smoking owner of Didi's Used Weapons 
... Great Fun:


Light hearted entertainment ... highly recommended!


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