[thechat] Shiok's celebration

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Dec 20 11:03:09 CST 2004

Joel & Madhu both bragged on anniversaries:

Hi Madhu,

Oh My! ... That sounds very tasty! ... Are you quite sure you don't 
deliver?  Dang!

> PS: we did have a celebration on the birthday. We had a 
> "raffle" where guests had to pick a token from a basket and 
> got a random prize - It was quite the hit.

Splendid!  ;-)   Congrats!  Sounds like everyone had a great time!

Hi Joel,

>>preparing for his own first anniversary this coming Sunday . . .

Congrats to Fiona and Sue for putting up with you! ... Oh yeah, 
like it was tough on you! ... Ha!   ;-P

[What wazzit they sang about you two in that CCR song? ... 
"... way you walk. He loves the way you talk. Oh, 'Sue Can-Field' ... 
Dit    dit dit    da da-da da!"  (Hey, 3 syllables is 3 syllables!)]

Running very very quickly away before he gets bopped *big time*,

(Mmmmm ... anniversaries ... I think Mary and I moved into our current 
house three years ago ... tomorrow! ... Hmmmm ... I'll have to come 
up with something to thank her properly for putting up with /Me! ... 
<think think thunk /> Garsh! ... I'm not sure there is anything 
_that_ big!)   ;-)

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